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Life is worth living!

  “It may get worse before it gets better but it WILL get better.” -         Debby Ryan       We live in a society that glorifies working oneself to the bone. It’s not uncommon to find people bragging about how much they’ve managed to achieve when all the odds are stacked against their favour - for doing all of the housework and more soon after giving birth, for holding multiple jobs while tending to a sick family member, for putting up with a toxic relationship while being productive, and so on.   These have now become social norms.  You must be aware of the expectations that most Indian parents have of their children: - you must do well at academics, - you must have a stable/well-paying job, - you must know how to manage the household, - you must do whatever is asked of you whenever it’s asked of you, - you must attend all family functions and be a delight, - you must obey your parents and elders no matter what, - you must get settled by the age of 30,

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